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Fortree Hill Furniture 

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Beleza Otimista, Chair


Beleza Otimista, Chair(s)

Focuses on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic design principles, bridging past and present with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics.  

This arm chair inspires daily optimism and beauty, the overall effect - only revealing itself over time - is largely modern. Tightly upholstered, the tirelessly moving compound curves of the frame are readily visible.

The front fabric, is authentic Brazilian coffee bean textile, the outer back is solid in color

The chair is amply padded accentuating its design and supportive ergonomic fit.

The legs are solid maple / honey colored stain, with a polished finish. The front corners upholstery delicately emphasize each corner (leg.)

All internal materials, jute, springs, foam, cotton, muslin are new and securely form its foundation.

The side and back of the chair fabric is with a charming upbeat print, the colors as shown.  Swatches available.

From the Begotten Line of Fortree Hill Furniture.

Fortree Hill Furniture creates high-quality, distinctive furniture skillfully by hand using traditional craft methods.  We're artisan fine furniture. We're 100% Midwest Made, 100% Woman Designed and Created. 100% focused on furniture.
There are no mass production techniques.
We have no direct competitors.
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2 available

$895.00 + $250.00 delivery = $1,145.00


Outer back height 41"

Inner back height, from seat of chair 27"

Depth of seat 20"

Width of seat at back 16"

Width of seat at front 25"

Outside arm height 27"

Height of seat, from floor 19.5"

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