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Charolais, Vintage Armless Side Chair


Charolais, Vintage Armless Side Chair, solid walnut frame, circa 1961


A lovely handcrafted Vintage Armless Side Chair, with decorations of flora and fauna draws inspiration from the French countryside, organically inspired curvilinear design. This chair is solid, beautiful, and demure. Its hardy and loves daily use and wear! It is relentless in function and appeal.

• The chair seat back is rounded with gentle curving sides.

• The upper front back is upholstered in organic jute, with Cattle Feed printing.

• The upper front back is upholstered in a soft swirling paisley pattern chenille fabric, in warm earth tones of brown, umber, brick red, terracotta, yellow ochre, warm grey, burnt sienna, tan and deep moss green.

• The tight chair seat is of imported Italian Leather, chocolate brown in color. It is baseball seamed with emphasis on comfort and focal point, of a slightly arched seat front.

• The chair is corded in a hunt club wool fabric; small, woven, three eighths inch houndstooth pattern, with colors of cranberry against a walnut brown background.

• The chair frame is solid walnut, dark stain, straight front legs, swept back legs with a stretcher between front and back.

About the name.

Charolais cattle originated in west-central to southeastern France, in the old French provinces of Charolles and neighboring Nievre. The cattle were generally confined to the area in which they originated until the French Revolution. But, in 1773, Claude Mathieu, a farmer and cattle producers from the Charolles region, moved to the Nievre province, taking his herd of white cattle with him. The breed flourished there. It was only after the second world war that Charolais made its appearance in other parts of the world. At first small exports, such as four bulls and six females to Brazil in 1950; five bulls and eleven females to Argentina in 1955; one bull and three cows to South Africa in 1955 followed by three bulls and 15 females in 1956, took place. This small trickle developed into a big stream. In 1964 for instance 259 bulls and 1,605 cows were exported from France and this trend is still increasing.

The temperament of Charolais cattle is something of a disadvantage. The cattle are known for aggressive tendencies with some fighting between themselves, and they can be flighty at times. Since their protective mothering instinct is quite strong, the dams can be risky to deal with when their offspring is nearby.

From the French Countryside to your home.

Okay... the connection with Charolais? The flora and fauna, the jute and the leather, along with the Charolais cattle, collaboratively enter your home with a sturdy disposition and offer maternal comfort. This demure chair will not let you down, it has been functional since 1961, like the exported Charolais of the late 1950's, what began as a small trickle, this small chair has become something big.

It looks great with Lourdais Fireside Armchair, if sold together there is a 20% discount! A perfect pair Lourdais and Charolais.

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